by American Heritage

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released March 1, 2011

Mike Duffy: Drums
Adamn Norden: Vocals, Guitar
Scott Shellhamer: Guitar

Guest Musicians: Lon Hackett, Rick Leech, Leon del Muerte, Jon DeHart, Sanford Parker, Bill Kelliher, B.Sanders, Botchy Vasquez, Ray Donato, Erik Bocek, Josh Rosenthal, Rafa Martinez, Dallas Thomas, Jason Goldberg, Surachai Sutthisasanakul.

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Recorded by Sanford Parker
Mastered by Collin Jordan
LP Artwork by Christopher Eichenseer / Someoddpilot
CD Artwork by Stephen Kasner



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American Heritage Chicago, Illinois

Too dumb. We quit.

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Track Name: City Of God
Zion in their eyes
Demons discreating day for night
The City on a Hill has been devised
Descended from a thousand years of lies
Pious extermination for a trade route
They came bearing standards
Launching Healots, trampled over
Eradication of Cathar
Trampled over
Redemption comes at Megiddah
Our fate is the City of God
Before your monuments of faith
Outfit in leeches, lead on your face
And when the cities were laid waste
Just human obstacles, unfeeling, unseeing
Track Name: Sickening Rebellion
Lyrics by Rick Leech

Tomas had a brother four years younger who died inside the womb
That was carried to term in a bucket of gin
And ignited the fetus in a placenta tomb
A sickening rebellion, a festering disease
Mark your head with sour mash and get down on your knees
Remove the stent and catheter
Your dark passenger drunk on gin
While you’re fucked up on embryo skin
Crossed cursed and christened
The blackest flock of sheep
Bound by sickness, sheltered by fear
Beware the company you keep
Track Name: Chaotic Obliteration
Lyrics by Adamn Norden

Insurrection is borne from abuse
We’ve taken away their guns the teargas is no use
Escalation left this prison with no control
Desperation is turned outwards
Soon you’ll be too dead to be afraid
With lying eyes
This country’s imploding
There’s no use in voting
Burning walls falling in
Fortunes decline
The gates are now closing
Telephones are cut off, smoke keeps pouring in
You’re artless and cold
Faceless and old
Burned alive
Track Name: Kiddie Pool Of Baby Blood
Lyrics by: Adamn Norden

Perpetuating the biggest fraud of all time
Only fearing that you won’t make a dime
Calculating your own survival
How much cum can you suck?
Thrown under the bus
Shit out your ass
Rewriting history
And left for dead
It’s coming
You’re lucky to get out in one piece
Track Name: Vessels / Vassals
Lyrics by: Adamn Norden

All we’ve got to sell is our backs and our fingers
For a roof and a fire, ceded our humanity
There’s no one to blame
Your god’s will is man’s reign anyway
Praise be to him from whom all blessings flow
The key to the gates of the silo be sanctified
The myth is repeated, our will is defeated
We become vessels
No designs
Our actions are stoking the furnace
Are denied
When ashes and smoke will replace us
This tragic austerity under your aegis
Below where one’s seed can find no purchase
Spitting on beggars won’t free you from privation
Mining the harbors don’t make you a patriot
Spitting on beggars won’t keep you from being one
Mining the harbors
This tragic austerity under your aegis
Below where one’s seed can find no purchase
The blood from our hands makes no assurance
Collective fury not scratching the surface
Collaboration is stoking the furnace
Where ashes and smoke will replace us
What’s civilized about fucking enslavement?
What’s so enlightened about making us buy what we already own?
Track Name: Fetal Attraction
Lyrics by: Adamn Norden

It sucks to get killed all the time
And die only once
Turn all the seas into wine
And never get drunk
Discorporate minds
Just fighting disease all the time
Passing out cigarettes and smallpox blankets
White light descended from the sky
Evacuation ordered as the winds changed
Burnt nostrils, spitting blood in an oxygen tent
Then signed the papers not to speak about it
Chopping down minarets
And popping blood caplets
Eat my fuck (Kelliher)
Track Name: Tomb Cruise
Lyrics by: Adamn Norden

Like pigeons squawking for a bit of praise
Out cyber-stalking, if he’s of age
Memories are criminal
Foreign and subliminal
Come praise, be praised
Sharpen your mind to a weapon
Be gone with ETs
Consuming light in a session
Long ago when man was free
There was no need for treatment
The truth is managed only by those who are qualified
There’s nothing physical or psychological
There’s nothing fucked up with your thinking
It’s the ghosts
Made whole
Completely free from the ghosts
We control the message
Track Name: Slave By Force
Lyrics by: Botchy Vasquez

To wound the eyes
That supply your line of sight
Your arm extends to hope
But strikes instead of loves
Demands are made
And carried out by the hand that feeds
Slave by force
Still loves in spite of master’s blows
Devoted slave knows no better
Slash the back of the only
Slave by force
Track Name: Abduction Cruiser
Lyrics by: Adam Norden

What kind of sick god made me this way?
Planted his seed like a tapeworm
His parasite controls me at night
Wielding my cock as a scythe at the abyss
I tried to defeat it with a ring on my hand
Spent every day slipping backwards
It didn’t take long
The illusion was gone
Soon I would cruise out every night
All rise
It’s not me
You made this
Not me
Stop me
I can’t stop me
Not safe outside
Not safe at home
Track Name: Morbid Angle
Lyrics by: Josh Rosenthal

Get the fuck away from me
Shut up
Track Name: WWDHD
Lyrics by: Adamn Norden

Dying of age
Don’t you fell pressure
Beating I know
Long distant pain
Think of this
Now in confession
Beaded eyes
Forgetting ape
Too late
Shipping off thousands of tons
To be sequestered underground
Mountains that must never come down
Despite their viscosity
Pining away
To any Bono
Beaded eyes
Meaningless suffer
Blows away
Obsidian has come between us
We’re forced away
As time stops and eyes dim
Moistened and glistening
Righteous and liminal